The simplest way to add specialist knowledge to your team and benefit from decades of experience in offshore renewables construction and operation since 2002

Our Offshore Renewables consultancy provides you with a range of information, insights and bespoke solutions to streamline your operations and ensure the success of your projects. Since 2002, we have been providing QHSE advisory services and placing personnel into project teams, as well as conducting port and vessel suitability studies and Marine Co-ordination courses.
We understand the unique challenges associated with offshore construction and renewables and use our decades of experience to provide you with strategic and operational advice. Our in-house team removes the complexity from your projects and accelerates your operations with trusted consultancy.

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Offshore Renewables

Strategic advice, knowledge transfer, educational training and courses, construction and operational advice.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Advisory services, QHSE Management Systems, CDM, workshops and site-based personnel.

Geomatic Services

Comprehensive spatial information management including the analysis of the impacts of dynamic seabed environments.

Offshore Survey

Client representatives on site, project management including contracting and survey planning.

Offshore Renewables Consultancy by SeaRoc
Offshore Renewables Consultancy by SeaRoc

Offshore Communications

Advice on radio communications hardware options and airtime options to minimise costs, satellite communications, data communications, deployment options.

Owner’s Engineer

Due Diligence, wind farm certification, offshore mast structures, seabed surveying for foundation assessment.

Marine Consultancy

Port and harbour studies, vessel studies, IMCA vessel audits.

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Maximise ROI

We provide specialist advice to prevent delays, maximise resources and increase operational uptime.

Transform Your Operations

We help you to seamlessly adopt new digital solutions and use data and insights to achieve your goals.

Accelerate Decision Making

We enable you to accelerate decision making with studies, surveys and insights that help you to move projects forward.

Skill-Up & Grow

We can help you to grow your team through providing personnel with specialist skills and knowledge.

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