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About Us

Our Mission is to Simplify & Optimise Complex Operations to Maximise Safety, Efficiency & Profitability

We provide a mix of software, radio communications and consultancy that enables you to optimise site management and co-ordination, manage mission-critical data, and turn real-time intelligence into action. We were founded in 2002 to develop solutions to support the build, management and operation of offshore renewable energy projects. We were one of the first software-based businesses in the market, and our solutions benefit from years of learning and working closely with customers to refine our solutions based on real-world experience. Since then we have grown in scope and are trusted by some of the biggest names in offshore and onshore construction and infrastructure.

Today, we operate around the world and are continually evolving our solutions by listening to customers, collaborating with partners, and anticipating future demand. Throughout our journey we have been recognised for our dedication to customer service, integrity and execution.

Proven Execution

SeaRoc has a track record of serving internationally recognised customers and supporting them on some of their most complex projects.

More Than Just Software

SeaRoc has proven its ability to deliver for local and global customers with solutions that mix software, communications hardware, consultancy and customer service.

Customer-Centric Approach

SeaRoc listens to customers and has the in-house capability to evolve products in partnership with customers, offering the best possible solutions across the project lifespan.

A Solid Foundation

SeaRoc is part a major global software group which owns and operates over 500 software businesses.

Quality System Certification ISO 9001 - DNV