Personnel & Site Information Software 

Manage and Optimise Complexity

An Integrated Modular Solution

Implement a single solution or multiple modules (enterprise solution) across a fully integrated system. Click on the module titles below to find out more.


An efficient online induction process that allows personnel & contractors to be shown the risks and procedures of a site before their arrival.


Personnel Manager

Effectively manage personnel data, monitor and record personnel movements and control certification and access.


Permit to Work & RAMS

Prevent delays by ensuring RAMS and work authorisations are received and approved before the work is due to be completed. Our software helps ensure all work and contractors are authorised prior to arrival on site and ready to work safely and efficiently with a full audit trail to evidence compliance with standards.


Time & Attendance
Time & Attendance

Remove the pain of reading illegible sign-in sheets by moving to digitalised time and attendance - providing intuitive reports & insights quickly.

Know who is on site and for how long at any point in time to help quickly dispute incorrectly recorded invoiced hours.


Marine Planning

An electronic manifest pulls data directly from the personnel database to provide the most up-to-date records, enabling marine coordinators to perform daily planning cycles to coordinate people, vessels, and helicopter activities across a project.


Marine Operations

View live operational offshore site activity via an interactive map application. The map can be configured to show guard zones, asset status and restrictions, as well as personnel locations across a site.


Personnel & Tracking

View an automatic, real-time record of personnel location that follows health and safety best practice from a fully auditable solution.


Asset Management

Effectively register project vessels, including important supporting information to manage availability, certification and overall safety during use. In addition, teams can manage availability of assets that can then be integrated into the manifest to ensure personnel are only transferred onto available vessels.



Increase Compliance & Safety

SeaRoc's software enables teams to centrally manage personnel information and project logistics, such as staff, contractors and assets. Our software helps sites manage critical data, optimise site efficiencies, and increase overall site safety. 

Single or integrated 'Enterprise' solution module options allow teams to manage inductions, work authorisations & RAMS, Permits to Work, activity planning, personnel tracking, asset management, and more.

The backbone of the SeaRoc's software as a service (SaaS) solution is built on high-scale systems designed to provide uncompromised access reliability to sites, facilities and projects that can be located anywhere in the world, from museums to the most remote locations on earth such as offshore wind farms, along with advanced data protection that meets all regulatory requirements, including GDPR compliance.

For 17 years our customers have relied on SeaRoc’s extensive industry expertise and software systems to deliver an integrated, feature-rich set of purpose-built tools proven to increase efficiency, safety, and ensure profitability.

Our Products

If your activities are mainly marine based then SeaPlanner is for you.

SitePlanner is designed for land based activities.

Our products are amphibious so if your interests includes both land and marine then we've got it covered!

Improve Site Safety

Be certain every worker is certified to be on site and ready to work safely and efficiently with a full audit trail to evidence compliance.

Feature 2
Ensure Visibility & Compliance

Online automated solution ensures compliance to standards & regulations across your sites with the ability to access real-time information 24/7, 365 days a year.

Reduce Time & Cost

User-friendly online solution eliminates time-consuming paper chasing with streamlined processes and centralised information.

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Trusted Software

SeaRoc's software has been trusted by the biggest names in construction and operations for over 15 years.

Contact us to hear more on how companies have leveraged SeaPlanner to make site operations safer and more efficient and learn how this solution can help improve your personnel and site management today.

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