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Asset Management

Ensure Compliance with Proactive Certification

Simplify Incident Reporting with Audit History

SeaPlanner's Offshore Asset Management solution enables the efficient management of project vessels and helicopters. With SeaPlanner, teams can manage important supporting information that helps manage availability, certification, and overall safety during use. SeaPlanner also provides the ability to upload and edit project data (GIS) in the asset map.

Key features of the SeaPlanner Marine Asset Management solution include:

  • Manage all registered site assets (e.g. turbines, substations, cables, vessels, and helicopters)
  • Record certification and expiry dates against each asset
  • Automate certificate expiry alerts
  • Record maintenance project dates through availability scheduler
  • Record asset defects and auditable notes using the interactive map
  • Upload and edit project data (GIS)
Screenshots of offshore asset management

Get Control of All Asset Data & Information
Proactively Manage Asset Certifications & Expiry Notifications
Upload & Edit Project Data (GIS)

Trusted Marine Coordination Software

SeaPlanner has been trusted by the biggest names in offshore construction and operations for 15 years.

Contact us to hear more on how these companies have leveraged SeaPlanner to make site operations safer and more efficient and learn how this solution can help improve your personnel and site management.