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Marine Operations

Track Vessel & Helicopter Activity from Any Location

Ensure Security for Vessels, Crew & Cargo

The SeaPlanner Marine Operations solution provides tools that help coordinate projects in real time. A feature-rich interactive map provides a live operational view of all site activity. The map is supplemented by a communications log and alerting engine to ensure maximum safety while optimising the efficiency and profitability of activities on the project.

Using SeaPlanner, site operators can ensure the marine coordination centre has visual awareness of all offshore activities, irrespective of where they are situated, maximising security and improving the safety of all involved.

Screenshot of interactive marine operations map

24/7 Visual Awareness of Offshore Activities
Quickly Access Information for Emergency Response
Easily Access Full Audit Information for Incident Reporting

Trusted Marine Coordination Software

SeaPlanner has been trusted by the biggest names in offshore construction and operations for 15 years.

Contact us to hear more on how these companies have leveraged SeaPlanner to make site operations safer and more efficient and learn how this solution can help improve your personnel and site management.