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Personnel Tracking

Monitor Personnel Locations for Improved Safety

Track And Trace For Quick Response To Virus Outbreak

Seaplanner's Personnel Tracking solution provides offshore coordination teams with with an automatic, real-time record of personnel locations. SeaPlanner's tracking solution follows health and safety best practices from a fully auditable solution.

With SeaPlanner, teams can track personnel check-in/out as workers move across the site. This tracking information enables effective coordination and management of the project and provides rapid support in the event on an emergency.

Offshore personnel tracking software

Access Accurate Real-Time Personnel Location Information
Quick Access to Information for Emergency Response
Full Audit Information for Incident Reporting

Trusted Marine Coordination Software

SeaPlanner has been trusted by the biggest names in offshore construction and operations for 15 years.

Contact us to hear more on how these companies have leveraged SeaPlanner to make site operations safer and more efficient and learn how this solution can help improve your personnel and site management.