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RAMS, Work Authorisation & Transfer of Control


Reduce RAMS & Work Authorisation Delays

The SeaPlanner Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) and Work Authorisations solution provides offshore teams the ability to manage permits, access control, and RAMS in an efficient and consistent way, improving quality and minimising related delays. 

SeaPlanner provides teams with instant access to real-time monitoring and reporting while enabling users from across organisations to easily share data and collaborate within a fully GDPR-compliant system.

Screenshot of offshore RAMS software

Reduce RAMS & Work Authorisation Related Delays
Ensure Compliance & Safety with Consistent Approval Process
Identify Accountability with a Full Audit History of All Activities

Trusted Marine Coordination Software

SeaPlanner has been trusted by the biggest names in offshore construction and operations for 15 years.

Contact us to hear more on how these companies have leveraged SeaPlanner to make site operations safer and more efficient and learn how this solution can help improve your personnel and site management.