SitePlanner Software Supporting Organisations Through COVID-19


  • Online inductions instead of onsite
  • GDPR compliant for managing crucial information such as medical conditions and Next of Kin
  • Traceability of where people have been and who they have been in contact with
  • Self-isolation tracking
  • Confidence that personnel have read and understood the information
  • Keep your teams engaged by asking them to complete any training and toolbox talks during any upcoming downtime.

Measures for protecting staff, students, personnel and subcontractors from exposure to COVID-19 is a high priority for all organisations. This includes any potential interaction with anyone infected or a contaminated work environment, with governments advising that employers adopt infection control strategies and safe work practises to minimise the overall risk to prevent occupational exposure.

SitePlanner and SeaPlanner are provided online and accessed in the same way as most Social Media and Networking Platforms. The key functionality is to ensure the safety of all and maximise the efficiency of site operations with online inductions instead of group gatherings and collecting crucial information, such as medical conditions and Next of Kin.

Utilising our software can effectively communicate any COVID-19 information to your existing personnel and subcontractors online with an audit trail confirming reading of the information and short tests to ensure understanding. New inductees to your site can easily access the same COVID-19 information remotely by adding it to your induction process including slides and videos.

COVID-19 declaration forms or other such documents can be stored amongst RAMS or Permits and the Hazard and Precautions checklist within permits, can be updated to include any COVID-19 precautionary measures.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about how SeaRoc’s Software as a Service can support you.

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