Reduce Delays on Your Projects

Delays to any project can be extremely costly to any business – financially and in terms of damaged reputation.

Within the industries that work with our SitePlanner contractor management software, we hear all too often the stresses and challenges when it comes to trying ensure contractors arrive for work having completed the relevant induction and had all their required documentation approved.

In reality this will often result in loss of working hours as contractors wait at the entrance of the site for their induction and sign off of their required Risk Assessments/Method Statements (RAMS). The loss of time and money caused by this issue is significant resulting from non-productive workers, supervisors and site managers.

Common issues that cause delays

  • Unplanned induction events result in the loss of working hours for both Site Managers and Subcontractors
  • Site Managers spend their time on repetitive tasks that reduce their capacity for proactive work
  • Unapproved RAMS lead to delays in work on site
  • Getting RAMS approval at site may not be possible if they require authorisation above the Site Manager’s level

The SitePlanner software directly addresses these issues in order to prevent unnecessary delays on your projects.

SitePlanner provides a seamless and integrated process for:

The benefits of having contractors already inducted, with their certificates checked and RAMS approved before they arrive at site makes a significant difference to the efficiency and productivity of an operational site.

SitePlanner provides the tools to help you meet industry best practices, stay compliant and maximize your resources.

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