Key Challenges With Operating Across Multiple Sites

Managing a business that has multiple sites is challenging at the best of times. If you are managing multiple sites that offer potential hazardous challenges and many different contractors working on various specific projects and tasks at any given time, these challenges can present an even greater level of difficulty and risk to safety.

We work with many clients who manage multiple sites and have come to us for solutions to address the challenges that this structure brings. The challenges we’ve seen amongst our clients include:

  • Maintaining a central and up to date record of all personnel information such as contact details, next of kin, certifications and medical details.
  • Coordinating inductions that are relevant and cost-effective. This is often a huge strain on resources with added travel time and the time taken to conduct the actual induction on site.
  • Duplication of tasks such as updating personnel records and management of RAMS and work permits for contractors working across the sites.
  • Access to important documentation and a clear view of what work is planned, ongoing or completed across all site locations.

SitePlanner provides you with a comprehensive contractor management system that provides the tools for creating an efficient and safe working environment leading to profitability for the organisation.

Ensuring there is consistency within all contractor induction sessions is important as it ensures there is the same level of work, as well as health and safety standards, being adhered to by every single contractor that works at one of your sites. This level of consistency should be the same whether a person works for your business for one day or for one year, and whether they work on one single site, or they are contracted to work on multiple sites over the course of a contract with your business.

A single central database and contractor management system allows you to not only ensure projects run on time and within budget, but that they also run to strict health and safety rules and legislation. It is important that all documentation is easily stored, accessed and reviewable without wasting time. This is especially important if there is an incident that has to be remedied and investigated.

SitePlanner includes an integrated work authorisation system that allows you to safely and efficiently manage simultaneous operations across multiple assets out of multiple locations. If you are reliant on contractors to work on various sites and projects it is a way to create an auditable working process where all aspects are accurately logged

You’ll have access to all relevant data and information about all contractors currently working on your sites, as well as historical data and future detailed plans. Information includes Risk Assessments/Method Statements (RAMS), work permits, contractor inductions and visibility of documentation such as certificates. SitePlanner is the perfect aid in managing and controlling documentation relating to contractors and projects working for a business with multiple sites and offshore projects.

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