Health & Safety Challenges for Contractors Offshore

Health and Safety impacts all of our lives and our businesses and the need to get this area of your company structured effectively and efficiently is imperative. Companies large and small in so many industries now have to consider the many aspects and responsibilities of Health and Safety services for their personnel and customers but with so many complicated areas of this to prepare for, record and report it can be a minefield and a huge cost to a developing business. In today’s fast moving world your concentration and focus needs to be on your company and the development of your products and services, therefore the necessity for reputable, reliable and experienced Health and Safety consultancy services and Health and Safety advisory services that can complement your teams and ensure the highest standards on your projects can be key.

It can be time consuming, risky and costly for a business to keep their personnel safe offshore, to make sure that all hazards are prepared for and reported, quality standards are met and clients and customers are satisfied.  Therefore bringing on board a consultancy service which can provide unlimited access to a supply of skilled and experienced staff and systems as well as quality assurance can ensure that your business meets industry best practises and regulatory compliance. This is essential to optimising the efficiency of your project either on or offshore.

SeaRoc have over sixteen years experience in the offshore renewable energy sector which has enabled us to develop highly skilled in house teams, unrivalled software systems and a management structure that can ensure you are able to accommodate all aspects of Health and Safety services, particularly within complex operations and for the management of large numbers of personnel. Through our own projects we recognised the need for a user-friendly, integrated system for managing project data and in 2006 we developed SeaPlanner, now an industry leading marine management and monitoring tool.

SeaPlanner is a software system that enables skilled marine professionals to manage complex offshore projects. The system will assist the Marine Coordination team to meet industry best practises and regulatory compliance whilst maximising safety offshore and optimising the efficiency of your project.

SeaRoc also offer a wide range of specialist consultancy services for marine and land projects including strategic advice, HSEQ and CDM, data analysis, offshore wind port development strategies and due diligence. We provide innovative communications solutions for guaranteed coverage at all times, including specialist systems for remote, far-from-shore locations. We provide our clients with essential software solutions for optimising efficiency and personnel safety including inductions, personnel and certification management, access control, RAMS and Permit to Work.

Our experienced teams can facilitate independent unbiased Health and Safety workshops and provide follow up reporting with recommendations. Clients can access our online case studies which outline the invaluable resources we can provide your offshore project as well as how, our systems and services can help improve your own health and safety practices.

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