Why Do You Need a Contractor Management System?

Ensuring contractors have been suitably inducted and had their certificates and Risk Assessments verified and approved is fundamental to meeting health and safety obligations. With a good contractor management software system that is intuitive to your specific company and site needs, you can have all the data and information visible at a single point (for all stakeholders), manage the induction process for contractors, follow a streamlined RAMS approval process and keep secure records of all personal information and next of kin – this ensures health and safety protocols are met throughout the time a contractor is present on site.

Overall, a solid contractor management process raises the standard of performance, provides a smooth transition for contractors moving in and off site, and lowers the risk of accidents and health and safety problems as a result of poor management and issues with work authorisation documentation.

There are a few different stages to managing contractors on any site, and it only takes one of those stages to alter for the entire framework of contractor management to come undone and cause real issues on site. With SitePlanner you can have the benefit of our expertise, helping to raise standards, levels of productivity and effectiveness across the board. Whether you are managing contractors on a single site or contractors over multiple sites and locations, SitePlanner provides you with a high level of monitoring and control over all personnel present. You’ll be able to sign off contractor certificates prior to arrival on site, link to CITB verification and credentials and customise the contractor management process to suit your specific company, project, and site requirements.

It is important to have full control over every stage of a contractor management system, and with SitePlanner you can ensure this begins with a full and thorough induction process. It is vital that all personnel and contractors are inducted in a fashion that is thorough, relevant, fast, and smooth. Through our contractor management software you’ll be able to provide all relevant information and testing online to contractors due to work on site, as well as a simple solution for them to upload all relevant RAMS, certificates, and personal information that is required during a project.

It is also important that within a solid framework of a contractor management system there is transparency of communication and access by all relevant stakeholders to the key information regarding the contractors’ involvement on the project. A permission-based system, SitePlanner provides controlled access allowing users to be set up with certain access level to view and/or approve certain information.

Whether you are working on a single projects or multi-site, multi-location projects, the SitePlanner contractor management software is the perfect way to increase levels of health and safety management, improve productivity and efficiencies across the board. To find out more about SitePlanner please feel free to contact the team today on 01243816 606 or info@searoc.com.

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