6 Easy Steps to Setting Up Your Online Induction System

Whether you’re operating large-scale projects, onshore or on land, it is essential to qualify the contractors, employees and visitors that will be coming on site at any point throughout the project.

With an efficient online induction system you can ensure that all personnel and contractors that are to work on your project (whether for one day or for the entire project) are fully inducted, tested, and have provided all the relevant certificates, in advance of arriving on site. With the perfect online induction examples you can ensure you follow industry best practice, keep contractors safe, and ensure that there is smooth and safe running of the project as a whole.

Why use an online induction system?

Every single employer is legally responsible for the health and safety of all employees and contractors on site. Part of this is providing as much information, instructions and health and safety protocols as possible when a person first starts work on a site or project. This isn’t always a straightforward task - it can be extremely time-consuming and there is always the risk of something being missed or overlooked when working under high-pressure circumstances. With online inductions there is a clear process for ensuring everyone has received the relevant induction, been tested and approved to enter the site or begin work.

There are a range of benefits to take advantage of when implementing online inductions, examples of which include lower operational costs and consistency of delivery of health and safety training.

Online site induction systems will help to significantly reduce operational costs and increase the productivity of contractors by ensuring all relevant information is provided prior to a contractor arriving on site. It also ensures that there is consistency of approach, with all training and induction information remaining consistent and being delivered from the same source, rather than from multiple training operatives. Contractors will also be able to securely access training and testing 24-hours per day, at a pace that suits each individual, rather than the pressure of onsite induction and the time constraints related to that. With online induction systems you have full control over all the information provided, have a secure overview of the entire induction process, and can view the progress of each individual.

The SitePlanner Induction Software

The SitePlanner system provides access to an online induction system that is very easy to use for both contractor and the project manager.

Our customisable online induction system allows you to set up the induction process that works best for you.

The core functions of our online induction system allow you to:

1.     Set Work Categories – tailoring individual job roles to suit the processes of your specific project. By setting work categories within your online induction system you can ensure that there is specific and relevant information provided to each individual due to work on your project. It makes for a much more effective induction process and limits time being wasted on induction information not relevant to certain aspects of the project. A contractor will only see what it necessary to his or her tasks and time onsite.

2.     Create Personalised Logins – with secure invites for all inductees you can ensure that all contractors have access to induction information and training protocols in a safe and secure manner. It is important that security is paramount when working with online systems, and it is no different when it comes to personalised logins for your contractors. With their own personal login, inductees are also able to save their completed steps of the induction,and log back in at any time to complete the process.

3.     Create Personal Profiles – for all contractors and employees to upload relevant information and training certificates securely to your system. This creates an easy to audit system where all information relevant to each individual contractor is uploaded within a personal profile. It makes the job of tracking and clearing contractors much easier for project managers and those responsible for the induction process, as well as accessing important information quickly such as medical details or next of kin.

4.     Test – Create question and answer sessions for contractors to fulfil prior to a project beginning, with notifications of progress viewable for project managers. This process allows you to create tests that are specific to certain sites, as well as for certain job roles and tasks, providing a comprehensive testing process to complete before any contractor is allowed to work on site. This can help to significantly improve performance and safety standards onsite.

5.     Approve – simple approval procedure to mark contractors as ready to work once set processes have been satisfactorily completed. Our system makes it easy to mark and view personnel throughout the entire induction and testing process, seeing how progress is being made and ensuring that contractors are performing much needed tasks within enough time of arriving on site to begin work on your project.

6.     View Personnel Database – all uploaded data can be securely viewed and shared with management. This allows management to view simply and securely which contractors are ready to work, which individuals are still required to pass the testing phase and which contractors are yet to upload relevant training certificates and permits to work. Having access to next of kin and other personal information is vital during emergency situations.

With these 6 easy steps you can set up your online induction system in a way that makes sense for your specific project, site, and contractors. For more information please feel free to contact us on 01243 816 606 or info@searoc.com.

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