Effective Ways to Manage Inductions for Offshore Personnel

For any business looking to better manage the safety of offshore personnel, it’s vital that you use an efficient and effective induction system. Inductions are essential to ensure that you have the right people, with the right training and certification, doing the right job.

However, managing inductions can be an extremely time consuming and logistically challenging experience. If you would like to improve your own induction process, here are some suggestions on how this can be achieved. When used correctly, these could help you to easily make a telling difference to the kind of operation that you run.

Tailor your inductions

A one-size-fits-all-approach doesn’t make for an effective induction system. Delivering role-specific inductions ensures your personnel are only being given the information that is relevant to them - increasing engagement and saving time.

It’s important that you work with the right software package to make sure the induction applies to the specific role it’s aimed at. This helps to get the coaching right, and avoids wasting time with modules that do not apply to that particular individual.

Utilise induction software systems

The smartest add-on that you can bring to the table is to start making the most of a software system for inductions. This allows you to easily and simply set up an electronic system for easy storage of all induction training, so that you can see who passed, how they passed and also when they passed.

By having an electronic record of any inductions, comes with the added advantage of being able to easily manage re-induction, and also any training and certificates that may have expired.

The more auditing that can be done, the better. Part of our software’s main benefits is that it will provide you with a complete audit trail of the induction process – making analysis far easier and ensuring your processes are compliant with best practice.

Set a standard

Standardising your inductions will make the whole process far more straightforward, more consistent as well as saving you time in the long run. Using an online system automatically introduces standardisation, meaning that all personnel will receive a clear and consistent message.

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