New Personnel Management System for Land-Based Projects

SeaRoc Group has been providing software solutions for managing personnel and operations in high-risk, challenging environments since 2006, where they have supported some of the world’s most demanding offshore projects. The company has now launched its Personnel Management System for ensuring the safety of personnel, compliance and control over operational activity on large-scale projects on land as well as at sea.

The system provides integrated tools for effectively conducting inductions, managing personnel records and certification, controlling access, personnel tracking and issuing/approving Risk Assessments/Methods Statements (RAMS) and permits to work.

“We have over 10 years in developing industry leading management systems – our software solutions have been designed in collaboration with the world’s largest offshore wind developers who work in some of the most dangerous working environments possible. Our system is tried and tested, and provides clients with the means to manage a safe operation in a fully auditable way that is compliant with best practices."
Steve Pears, Managing Director, SeaRoc Group

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