Induct.Me Online Induction Software Evolution

Online Induction Software Evolution: from to SeaPlanner & SitePlanner

We first introduced SeaRoc Group’s innovative online induction software to the offshore renewables sector in 2014. This online induction software came into existence after we collaborated on projects with offshore teams and observed how time-consuming and administration-heavy the induction process was for all parties involved. SeaRoc developed with the goal of helping construction and work sites save significant time and money related to the induction process, and ultimately, improve safety on sites.

Contractor Onboarding for Offshore 

First adopted by global energy producer E.ON, quickly became the go-to application for a host of renewable energy companies across Europe, including EDF, Ørsted, and Vattenfall, to efficiently induct their contractors. Our clients immediately started to see huge time savings by having all their contractors’ 'paperwork' checked and approved well before the contractors arrived on site. This significant time savings, combined with reduced project risk achieved by ensuring all personnel submitted mandatory certifications, watched site induction videos, and answered test site induction Q&As helped elevate SeaRoc’s platform to the industry standard for contractor onboarding in the offshore renewable energy sector.

Online Inductions for Onshore Sites

Now, seven years since our ground-breaking release, this industry-proven induction solution has been integrated into SeaRoc’s SeaPlanner Marine Coordination and SitePlanner Contractor Management software suites. Integrating our induction solution into our full software suites allowed us to provide clients from a wide range of industries with a proven digital induction solution along with a wealth of additional integrate-able contractor management and marine management tools to save time, money, increase productivity, and mitigate health and safety risks.

Key capabilities of the SitePlanner & SeaPlanner’s inductions include:

  • Generic and/or Site-Specific Inductions: Contractors upload their required certificates, view their defined induction materials, and complete Q&A forms to prove understanding.
  • Scheme Integration: Sites can integrate their inductions with industry schemes, such as CSCS, to simplify uploading of certifications for verifications.
  • Self-Service: Administration is reduced for site managers with online tools that enable contractors to manage their own competencies and keep their profiles up-to-date.
  • Training and Tool Box Talks: Sites can manage training records and send new training materials, toolbox talks, and company updates quickly and easily.
  • Dashboards and Notifications: Site mangers can get insights and alerts for expiring training, inductions, and certifications via customisable dashboards and automatic notifications.

Inductions & Contractor Management

Much of what the SitePlanner platform offers its global customer base today is born out of the same offshore renewables energy client needs that sprung the innovative SeaPlanner and software applications. The SitePlanner solution has evolved much from its early induction solution to now providing a complete online contractor management solution that enables the digitalisation and central management of personnel and operations information and helps teams improve related compliance and safety across work sites.

SitePlanner provides benefits to a wide range of sites across multiple industries, as proven by our truly diverse range of clients using the platform such as Siemens mobility who use SitePlanner to drive site-wide compliance & consistency for their multiple UK-wide rail engineering contractors, to the Royal Academy of Arts in London who enable their teams to focus on valuable site operation activities instead of time-consuming paperwork.

With SitePlanner, teams can choose single or integrated solution modules to manage inductions, permits to work, RAMS, daily briefings, and time & attendance.

The backbone of the SitePlanner software as a service (SaaS) solution is built on high-scale systems designed to provide uncompromised access reliability along with advanced data protection measures that meet all regulatory requirements, including GDPR.

Improve Efficiencies While Reducing Accident Frequency Rates

SitePlanner simply and easily helps site owners and principal contractors improve data compliance & consistency, significantly minimise related processing times, and, ultimately, reduce their Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) on sites. A great example of a SitePlanner client realising these benefits is MWH Treatment. MWH Treatment manage a portfolio of water and waste water treatment sites and have modernised their classroom style of training sessions that used to be logistically challenging, time consuming, and expensive. They adopted SitePlanner inductions software and, among other benefits, have been able to reduce their typical contractor induction time from 2 hours to 20 minutes. And, on top of that time savings, online inductions have led to a reduced accident frequency rate. See MWH Treatment talking about the benefits they achieved across sites with SitePlanner.

MWH Treatment Discusses Improved Site Safety and Efficiencies Resulting from SitePlanner Online Inductions
Projects and work sites are always looking for ways to improve efficiencies and reduce health and safety risks for their personnel and the evolution of digital tools, such as SitePlanner's online inductions have provided the means for teams to accomplish these goals. 

To learn more about the contractor management solutions provided by SitePlanner, see our SitePlanner page or contact us to learn more and see a demonstration.

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