The Benefits of SitePlanner for AMP7 Within the Water Industry

Working within the water sector brings with it a host of regulations and certification requirements. Having planning software of the highest quality helps develop and implement stringent plan that ensure site safety is a priority, that all on-site personnel are tracked and monitored for security and health and safety reasons, and that all regulations relating to both AMP7 and PR19 are met with utmost professionalism and accuracy of data.

SitePlanner offers a range of benefits that are applicable for the water industry, helping to meet strict standards and raise the level of efficiencies on a wide range of projects and individual tasks within a sector that can often be challenging. This paper will review the regulations in place and the industry landscape that SitePlanner can assist with.

What is AMP7?

Water companies in the UK work to an Asset Management Period (AMP), which includes all major projects and investments. AMP7 is the seventh of these periods planned by the water industry, and it is due to run between 2020 and 2025. All major water companies are in a position where they are nearing the final stages of business plans that will be put forward to meet Ofwat’s requirements during the AMP7 period.

For consumers, AMP7 has been designed to improve their communications between the water companies, with greater levels of transparency and improved customer satisfaction the main aim over the period. For water companies, failure to adhere to the regulations set out by AMP7 will result in penalties for underperformance, or financial rewards should standards be met. Good performance levels relating to AMP7 will include transparency and high levels of consumer engagement, water bills that are affordable, innovation in technology and delivery, as well as resilience in the water network to withstand pressures and complications.

There are many challenges that the water industry has to face head on, and AMP7 is designed to do just that, looking at ways in which standards can improve and customer satisfaction levels increased despite a population that continues to increase and the environmental challenges this poses. Innovation is key with regards looking after the environment for future generations, and with the anticipated higher costs to perform those roles whilst maintaining customer satisfaction the water industry has to perform to greater efficiencies in all aspects of each company.

The welfare and safety of all personnel and contractors in the water sector is paramount to achieving the goals laid out in AMP7. Without key, qualified staff, there is no way that the standards can be met, and ensuring there is a strong HSEQ framework for personnel is a key deliverable from the SitePlanner software.

What is PR19?

AMP7, put forward by Ofwat (The Economic Regulator of the Water Sector in England and Wales), includes the provisions for PR19. The 2019 price review is a vital component of AMP7, as it enables a framework where water companies are both incentivised for good performance standards, and punished for poor performance.

PR19 and AMP7 are both aimed at improving the delivery of services within the water industry, with PR19 specifically enabling incentives and encouragement to the water companies in order to improve standards that the consumer actually experience. It is hoped that during the next AMP, there will be a growing level of trust and confidence from customers towards the water companies throughout the country.

How Can SitePlanner Assist the Water Industry?

SeaRoc Group understands the pressure points and specific requirements of the water industry. With our SitePlanner system we can assist those within the sector to implement operating practices to a high and consistent standard, in line with PR19. Our software has been designed and developed to help improve the effectiveness of operational implementation, as well as to reduce potential risks for personnel and site visitors within a wide range of projects and applications.

A number of water companies are now using SitePlanner, in order to meet the high standards set out by regulations during the next AMP. Our clients have already seen the rewards of a cost-effective method to deliver site inductions to personnel, across multiple locations through an online process. This leads to a greater level of efficiency in terms of monitoring and controlling all personnel present on site, as well as all contractor certificates being identifiable and accessed from one single point. SitePlanner also offers a direct link to CITB for verification of all credentials and the ability to be fully customisable to suit the specific requirements of individual water companies, projects and sites.

Our software helps to maximise safety and optimise project efficiency, including the following features:

Inductions – Induct all personnel and contractors quickly and smoothly, with all certification and testing available online, prior to arrival on site.

Personnel Manager – Monitor and record all personnel movements on site, with easy access to personnel data, control certification and access.

Personnel Tracking – Use of Access Control Units (ACUs) to effectively track personnel on site.

Operations Map – SitePlanner offers an interactive map of your site, with live operational activity for analysis of data at a glance.

RAMS and Permit to Work – User-driven process for efficient submission, review, approval and use of all Risk Assessments and Method Statements and Permits for contractors and personnel.

With AMP7 fast approaching, it is important for all companies working within the water industry to finalise plans and go through a thorough implementation period prior to the next AMP beginning in 2020. Time is of the essence, and a solution in the form of SitePlanner will help water companies to provide a framework of detailed, accurate, and up-to-the-minute data analysis that increased efficiencies across the board, looks after the safety and all personnel and contractors working on-site and in the process increases standards and customer satisfaction levels.

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