Offshore Wind Farms

SeaRoc Group began working with E.ON in 2012 providing GIS and associated services to their offshore wind farms.

SeaRoc Group provided GIS and associated services to E.ON's offshore wind farms Robin Rigg and Scroby Sands – this contract was extended with the Humber Gateway project in February 2018.


Client’s Key Challenges

check-regular@2x Secure online viewer displaying key site data and geophysical data.
check-regular@2x Analysis services to determine At-Risk cables and seabed issues based on geophysical data.
check-regular@2x Crown Estate Liaison in regards to geophysical data packages including the creation of MEDIN metadata.
check-regular@2xAd-hoc services including analysis of current site issues, map creation, plotting of 3rd party results and data extraction requests.

SeaRoc Provided

check-regular@2x Seabed Monitoring - Identify issues such as scour pits around turbines and any exposed or cable free span sections. Results are provided in a report with detailed charts and as a layer on the online viewer.

check-regular@2x Sediment Dynamics Mitigation - Calculation of volumetric changes within the seabed

check-regular@2x Cable PredictionA predicted surface model for a given time supported by a summary report. The prediction will be made on the basis of the trend derived from the analysis of other data.

check-regular@2x 3D VisualisationInteractive 3D visualisation of the wind farm site with the latest bathymetry. A 3D visualisation enables the viewer to see how the cable relates to the current seabed conditions.