capital dredging

Capital Dredging Projects

SeaRoc Group supported three capital dredging projects, Gladstone, Wheatstone and Ichthys in Australia

From 2011 to 2015 SeaRoc Group supported three capital dredging projects managed by Principal Contractors, Dredging International and Van Oord with the provision of the SeaPlanner Marine Management System.


Client’s Key Challenges 

check-regular@2x Capital dredging projects require a high level of management in order to control efficiency and safety across the operational site. 

SeaRoc Provided

check-regular@2x Personnel Certification Management & Personnel Tracking (onshore and offshore)

check-regular@2x Vessel Tracking

check-regular@2x Vehicle Access Control Provided by Onshore Boom Gates

check-regular@2x Document Management


Capital Dredging