SeaRoc’s SeaPlanner SaaS Solution was one of the World’s First Offshore Wind Sector Specific Software Products

SeaRoc’s SeaPlanner SaaS solution was one of the world’s first offshore wind sector specific software products, with its first release in 2006 at the birth of what was then a new renewable energy market. Since then it has evolved and been developed to align with our client’s requirements in combination with our vision for how the software could best support industry.

SeaPlanner has been deployed on the most offshore wind sites globally than any other similar software, with 43 offshore projects to date throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific and more recently North America. Our clients are delivering complex construction and maintenance works for major infrastructure projects and quite rightly have high expectations which we have to meet and do. Our solution therefore undergoes extensive testing by our clients both formally as part of the acceptance process and when being used by their staff and contractors. As a result, SeaPlanner is an extensively proven product whilst SeaRoc has widespread real-work experience and a SeaPlanner delivery record that the Team is extremely proud of.

Helpdesk users are encouraged to rate the support they receive following the completion of a support ticket. We are extremely proud to uphold no less than a 97% “Happy” rating over a rolling 12 month period.

Our helpdesk system is easily accessible via an email or dedicated portal but we are also available during UK office hours for in person calls via phone or teams. Due to our experience in working within the offshore renewable sector, we pride ourselves in supporting our clients with advice on best practise as well as technical support.

A very high level of system availability and reliability distinguishes our solution from others. The quality of our service was further enhanced in 2022 when we switched our server hosting provider to Microsoft Azure, which offers many improvements and benefits, including :

  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Enhanced security
  • Compliance
  • Backup, recovery, and failover
  • Simplified management and monitoring

And finally, our Permit to Work (PtW) solution differentiates us from other solutions, many of which do not include an integrated PtW offering.



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