SeaRoc Group Delivers First Formal Marine Coordination Training in Taiwan

SeaRoc Group has delivered SeaPlanner software and Marine Coordination training to the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) – the first formal MC training given to a Taiwanese client.    

With 11 planned offshore wind farms and a governmental goal of installing 5.5 GW by 2025, Taiwan is making steps in preparation for the significant growth in the market, with companies utilising the skills and experience of suppliers from the European offshore wind industry.

Chieh-Cheng James Yen is a Senior Researcher within the Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories at ITRI, and completed training from SeaRoc Group, providers of leading Marine Management System, SeaPlanner and Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC), providers of marine co-ordination training. The training provided techniques and best practices for managing the safety of personnel and assets as well as monitoring of marine operations.

“Taiwan is making significant strides in offshore wind construction, and we’re delighted to be able to support companies entering the market”, commented Steve Pears, SeaRoc Group Managing Director. “The developing Taiwanese market is taking proactive steps to ensuring they have the skilled workforce to support large-scale offshore operations and access to the tools to enable them to manage projects safely and efficiently from start to finish.”
Steve Pears, Managing Director, SeaRoc Group
“Alongside SeaRoc, SMC welcome the opportunity to deliver essential support to emerging markets, such as Taiwan. Our two companies bring a wealth of experience and lessons learnt from our operations across the globe and we remain committed to providing local communities with the valuable skills that are required to succeed in this industry, working safely and to the highest standards.”
Capt. Ian Coates, Managing Director, SMC

This training extends SeaRoc Group’s support to the developing offshore wind market in South East Asia, following the recent Marine Coordination training of Japan’s first Marine Coordinators.

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