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SeaPlanner provides integrated tools to effectively manage personnel data, monitor and record personnel movements and control certification and access.

The SeaPlanner database records the following data, stored against an individual’s unique ID:  


  • Full name
  • Full address
  • Next of kin details
  • Contact information
  • Profile photo
  • Work category and certification (allowed offshore, restricted access, escorted)
  • Job title, department and company details
  • Medical certification including allergies and prescribed medication
  • Professional, training and academic certification – including expiry dates


The data provided by the induction will populate the personnel database meaning minimal administration and data entry by the project coordinators.

Certificate Association Manager / Certification Matrix

SeaPlanner offers the ability to group personnel certificates into those that are mandatory or preferred, dependant on a person’s access level, department and/or job role. This allows users to proactively manage certification of all personnel across the site.

The certification control tools within SeaPlanner allows you to export customised reports based on certificate expiry and displays a traffic light warning system to allow for proactive marine coordination.

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