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Marine Coordination requires a daily planning cycle to coordinate people, vessels, helicopters and activities across the project.

SeaPlanner provides an electronic manifest which pulls data directly from the personnel database to provide the most up-to-date personnel records – including certification validity.

The manifest interfaces with the operations map to display manifests against vessels and active personnel on the vessel.

The manifest also has the ability to integrate with the relevant tracking hardware installed on the vessel (for use by vessel skippers), in order to check and review personnel who are due to board the vessel.

Transfer Notifications
via SMS/Email

Notify personnel of vessel, time and location

Workers & Crew Management

Group crew and workers into teams


Automatic compliance check

Access Validation
& Approval

Access authorised based on certificate checks

Vessel Allocation
& Scheduling

Allocate available project vessels

Contractor Transfer

Contractors manage transfer requests for their workers

and Activities

Assign specific tasks to Personnel

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