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SeaRoc Group has been providing specialist marine consultancy services since 2002. We have an in-house team of experts specialising in areas such as Offshore Renewables, Health Safety Environment and Quality, Asset Management and Communications.

Key Services:

  • Offshore Renewables - strategic advice and educational intelligence
  • Offshore Communications
  • Marine Consultancy

Offshore Renewables

Offshore Renewables consultancy includes the following capabilities:

  • Strategic advice
  • Educational – marine coordination courses
  • Construction Project Management
  • Operational advice

Offshore Communications


Radio communications:

  • UHF, including ADS-B
  • VHF, including AIS and Man Over Board
  • VOIP
  • 4G / LTE

Satellite communications

  • VSAT and Satellite
  • Satellite phones

Data communications:

  • UHF
  • VSAT
  • 4G / LTE

Deployment options:

  • Comms surveys
  • Standard shipping or bespoke containers
  • Multiple cabinets

Marine Consultancy


Ports and Harbour studies:

  • Suitability for construction and operations

Vessel studies:

  • Suitability for construction and operations
  • Fleet availability

IMCA vessel audits