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SeaRoc Group has extensive experience in the provision of both radio and satellite communication systems consultancy and hardware to support offshore operations, ensuring guaranteed connection with field personnel at all times. Our team have extensive product knowledge and understanding of the communication challenges in the offshore environment to provide you with a robust and reliable solution.


SeaRoc’s extensive offshore experience has given us a unique perspective on the operational issues faced by windfarms seeking to ensure effective communications between a wide range of vessels and contractors. Our consultancy services include site assessment, solution provision and supply. We hold supply agreements with market leading equipment suppliers and can provide cost effective, reliable solutions to meet project needs across all classes of offshore project.

SeaHub Farshore Solution

The SeaHub solution has been specifically designed for continuous remote offshore operation without the need for frequent service, ensuring cost effective, secure communications.

The SeaHub provides complete communication capabilities for remote, offshore locations that are outside the range of shorebased transmitters. The SeaHub can be deployed on a vessel or on a fixed offshore structure and uses satellite communications to provide a ‘backhaul’ link to shore.

The SeaHub supports:

    • Handheld Terminals, Mobile Terminals
  • VHF Marine
  • VHF Airband
  • Walk-in container or equipment cabinet
  • Satphones   
  • 4G/LTE network coverage
  • VOIP services

Key Benefits

Tried and Tested

The SeaHub has gone through comprehensive field testing and operational deployments for a number of years and has been demonstrated to supply guaranteed 24/7 communications coverage in hostile environments


The SeaHub is virtually autonomous with self-contained safety and control systems that are monitored remotely from shore, 24/ 7 365, eliminating the need for frequent service visits by qualified personnel

Moveable and Reusable

The SeaHub supports multiple deployments in the harshest of environments, making it an extremely cost-effective solution