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SitePlanner offers an integrated online Permit to Work (PTW) system providing you with an auditable, compliant and controlled method for managing activity across your site.

There are 3 main functions to the SitePlanner Permit to Work system:

  • Risk Assessment/Method Statement (RAMS)
  • Permits
  • Transfer of Control

The RAMS and Permit Process

Risk Assessment/Method Statement (RAMS)

The RAMS feature allows you to upload, store and have a review/approval process within SitePlanner for all site Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS). Health and Safety Regulations require approved RAMS for specific types of work to be carried out.


Create, store and have a review/approval process within SitePlanner for all site permits for work that is required on site assets.


Create a Custody record for one or more assets and assign custody to a selected contractor and a specific package for the site. Users can set a date range for the transfer of control and assign approved permits for selected assets that fall within this custody period.

This feature integrates with SitePlanner’s interactive map once the record is activated. The Custody record will also keep a full audit history of the Custody lifecycle. When works have been completed and custody is no longer required, the record can be withdrawn by closing-out the record.

The Permit to Work system is designed to be an integral solution to ensuring the smooth running of the operational site works.

Key Functions


User-defined drop downs Enable quick and efficient PTW population
Custom fields Personnel, position, user editable description and notes, PTW issue number, issue date, additional day request, expiry date
Outputs Enables a daily issue of the Permit to Work and output of all PTW reports
Historical archive Database of previously issued and completed or cancelled Permits to Work
Audit trail Record PTW and RAMS issued, received, and approved and by whom
PTW dashboard PTW layer layout of the site displays all allocated PTW with numerical icons on the specific asset location. Click on each asset opens the asset dialogue box with permit overview details
Status reports and Audit Ad-hoc PTW reports are available from the system for audit purpose
Customisable approval levels The ability to set the number of approvals needed to issue a permit to work
Work category/Type approval routing Approval groups can be created, which will give each member approval ability in the instance a member of that group is absent
Full integration with Personnel Database The PTW module extracts the required information (personnel information and relevant certification) from the central Personnel Database

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