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Automated personnel tracking can be enabled through the SitePlanner Personnel software and the installation of relevant tracking hardware, utilising RFID technology.

RFID personnel tracking is enabled with the installation of on-board hardware (touch screen tablet/PC) that are fully configured with SitePlanner customised software.

SitePlanner uses industry-standard Mifare Ultralight RFID-enabled swipe cards, which are standard-sized ID cards programmed and printed via the SitePlanner software. Personnel swipe their ID cards when at your required check-points to allow your project management team to easily identify their location on site.

Core Functionality


Record of all personnel movements Complete audit trail of personnel location
Current personnel locations Locate personnel quickly in case of required emergency response
Certificate verification for site and asset access Controlled access levels
Instantly print access swipe cards directly from the system Access levels programmed into swipe cards
Transfer personnel from asset to asset Manual backup to automated personnel transfers in the case of tracking hardware not being present
Exportable to PDF or Excel Data can be easily analysed, reviewed and shared 

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