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SitePlanner provides an interactive map application to allow users to view at a glance, live operational site activity.


Live Location Feeds
  • Personnel (RFID/GPS), vehicle (GPS) and assets
  • Replay all historical data – personnel/vehicle movements
  • Complete audit of all activities
  • Create exclusion zones
  • Audible awareness of activities
Data Layers
  • Update asset statuses to instantly view project progress
  • Incident layer
  • Annotations layer
  • View the permits and contractor custody assigned to specific assets

Exclusion Zones

No-go zones can be added to the map display for safety and controls measures across the site. An alarm will be sounded if a vehicle approaches the area – the distance criteria for this alarm can be set by the user.

Asset Status & Restrictions

Set assets to display their status for quick visualisation of project progress. Any issues regarding an asset that may restrict access or cause a safety risk can also be highlighted.

Personnel Locations

Instantly identify the personnel located on specific assets across the site. Click on a particular location and see at a glance all the personnel at that location.

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