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Products: SeaPlanner

SeaPlanner is an innovative suite of modular, web-based management and monitoring tools that are fully customisable to your requirements, giving you complete project visibility and control.


To date, SeaPlanner has helped with the safe and efficient construction of 726 UK offshore wind turbines

(That’s 75% of all those deployed in UK waters*)

SeaPlanner is a fully customisable, web-based, marine monitoring and management system providing:

  • Real-time vessel positions
  • Personnel tracking
  • Training and certification management
  • HSE recording
  • Online induction
  • Fauna tracking
  • Live met ocean data
  • PPE tracking
  • Replay of historical events
  • Permit to work

SeaPlanner is an innovative suite of modular, web-based, management and monitoring tools which are fully customisable to your project requirements.
For those working offshore, SeaPlanner offers a full project tracking system, allowing you to take full control and have complete visibility of your offshore project. The SeaPlanner software is scalable to a wide range of industries from the largest construction and operation sites in the LNG, dredging, and renewable energy sectors, to small scale vessel owners who need to track only a small number of personnel and their assets.

Assisting in managing marine planning and logistics, on-site safety, and multi-contractor projects, SeaPlanner provides significant benefits by integrating information from planning through to operations. The system can efficiently control all spatial (personnel & vessel location, infrastructure, metocean) and non-spatial data (certifications, documentation, training matrices, resourcing planning, HSE risk/ incident logs) across a project team, stakeholders, staff and contractors, providing a clear audit trail of all information on site from day one.

As a web-based system, SeaPlanner provides all stakeholders with access anywhere, anytime; and the permissions-based access ensures personnel can access and manage their specific project areas 24 / 7, 365 days a year. Modules can be used independently or as an integrated suite, with comprehensive training provided for your project team, along with a full system setup. SeaRoc Group can also provide the personnel to manage the system for the project in its entirety, including marine co-ordinators, permit controllers and document controllers.

Here’s what some of our clients had to say...

Van Oord utilised SeaPlanner as a highly effective management tool during their 16 million cubic metre Darwin Harbour Dredging Works for the Ichthys LNG Project. More than 1,000 personnel were tracked across 13 vessels, providing up to date operational information and a very useful audit trail.

Koos van der Geer, Project Director, Van Oord

The SeaPlanner Induction Module provides a user-friendly online tool that lets our contractors submit key personnel data and certificates for our approval. With the inductees registering their own details online, there was a significant reduction in our administration workload whilst allowing us full control over the process and results.

Darryl Hall, Marine Supervisor, Thanet & Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farms

To find out more about SeaPlanner please visit the SeaPlanner website here


*Sep ‘14 SeaRoc has applied SeaPlanner modules to assist in the installation and/or operation of 728 out of 1075 wind turbines of the UK’s offshore installed wind capacity.


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