SeaPlanner GIS Server

SeaPlanner utilises industry leading software to offer a fully hosted GIS server solution. Our hosted GIS enables distributed project personnel to connect with the geographic information they need from a centrally managed server.

The hosted server can also be used to generate web based or desktop GIS services providing access to your maps, data, and GIS capabilities via the web. It enables both GIS professionals and non-GIS users to directly interface with the project GeoData.

  • A centrally managed system provides a number of benefits to project teams
  • Ensure data security and integrity through tried and tested
  • Quality and security procedures
  • Keep all parties updated through synchronization between offices in different location
  • Significantly reduce software, storage and data processing overheads
  • Streamline internal GIS and information management resource

SeaPlanner can also assist you to extend your GIS to mobile devices; enabling users to review assets, resources, and manage the site from a hand held device.