Operation & Maintenance

The smooth running of power generation and transmission equipment faces hugely different challenges in a marine environment from those faced onshore. Our specialist services can help develop strategies for maximising production and maintaining plant safely. 

Developing a strategy for Operation and Maintenance (O&M) is an integral part of the design of a project. Our experience with vessels, the issues of access as well as offshore operations, enables us to assess the alternatives and advise clients on the most reliable and cost effective solutions for their specific sites.

SeaRoc offer O&M support services to assist clients in keeping their assets operating, improving performance, meeting regulatory compliance issues, and improving the bottom line:

  • Project management support
  • Procurement and contractor management
  • Marine management and coordination
  • Management of site personnel
  • Management of offshore survey works
  • Management of asset and subsea inspections and audits
  • Equipment certification
  • CDM coordination
  • Environmental compliance monitoring
  • Maintenance management and scheduling
  • Scheduling optimisation
  • Work Instructions

We undertake management of planned and unplanned maintenance and inspections offshore, including cable repairs and major component replacements. Our team of professionals is assisted by our monitoring and project management tools.  

We also provide:

Marine Coordination

Emergency Response Planning